SRC Products is Britain's most trusted producer of recycled rubber tire crumb, with a proud heritage stretching back to 1936 and helping sustain our worlds valuable natural resource by reducing waste.

Our product is trusted to bring life to playgrounds, athletics tracks and playing fields, and to help save lives in rail crossings, brake pads and safety mouldings.

Formerly known as Dunlop Tyres, The SRC team have 67 years’ experience in rubber crumb and recycling and have developed a unique reputation for reliability combining

1. Selectivity in sourcing quality natural rubber

2. Guaranteed crumb free from contamination, metals or fabrics

3. And trusted suppliers who are longstanding partners

Our scale allows us to provide our customers with consistent quality, based on strict time proven controls, that is more cost effective across a wide range, making SRC your first choice and first contact on any crumb based project. 

We ship orders from 25kg through to 100+ tonnes throughout the UK and Internationally

Every year our planet uses more than 27 million tonnes of natural and synthetic rubber, making more than a billion tires and more than 50,000 other rubber products that we use every day.

SRC is proud of the role it's plays in helping our world by reducing waste through recycling.


We maintain strict quality control and carefully manage our supply chain with long standing suppliers, providing our customers with a reliable source of quality materials.

We have long standing relationships with customers in many sectors and our products are widely used across a range of applications.

We partner with our customers to identify the best product solutions for their needs through our deep experience.

We would be happy to discuss your needs and application. Please phone +44 (0)161 432 3222 or email